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Why You Should Choose a Woolen Hallway Rug

The hallway is an integral part of any house as it connects the different rooms within the house. Some people like to dress it up while others leave it bare. Ideally, you should find a suitable runner rug and cover your hallway so that it looks like a presentable part of the house.



The best material that is preferred for a hallway rug is wool. It is known for its resilient fabric and texture, that allows it to recover from the impact of heavy furnishings and constant footsteps. Other materials tend to suffer permanent indentations, dissuading owners from switching things around.

Here are some of the reasons to have a woolen hallway runner:

  • Stain resistance

The stain resistance powers of wool make it suitable for hallways, which are constantly soiled by dirty shoes. Woolen hallway runners have the advantage over other fibers because of the lanolin coat, that makes it stain resistant. It is very easy to wipe stains off of these rugs, which makes it quite popular among many homeowners.

  • Resistance to Flames

Wool is naturally resistant to flames. Although this doesn’t mean that wool rugs are 100% fireproof.  If you want to create a safe environment, you can do so by using a woolen rug, as it does not catch flames when a spark drops onto it.

  • Durability

Durability is one the biggest advantage of using a woolen hallway runner. Since hallways are high traffic areas, wool is the material that will last for years without any wear or tear. The woolen rug may be expensive compared with the other materials but it is better than having to replace the rug repeatedly, which can be more expensive.

  • Water Resistant

A woolen hallway runner has a natural protective barrier against water. It can absorb quite a bit of water without getting wet. This i advantageous because it gives you the time to dry up the water before it damages your floor. The material keeps warm and recovers from damage and pressure very fast.

  • Variety of choices

Woolen hallway runners come in tons of choices ranging from many styles, patterns, and designs. You will surely find something that will blend in with your décor. Wool does not fade easily, unless it is exposed to constant direct sunlight. Moreover, even if that is the case, the fading will take time, unlike other materials.

  • Naturally Flexible

Natural wool from sheep contains certain cells and fibers that make it elastic and a natural shock absorber. It is perfect for hallways that are near bedrooms. The ability to spring back to its original shape is a benefit that you cannot get in any other rug material.

If you want a rug whose beauty and functionality will last you a lifetime, you should definitely choose wool for as the preferred material for your hallway rug. You can choose modern or traditional designs too if you wish. It is quite easy to find a desirable wool hallway rug. Make a smart choice by choosing wool.


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